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Instaglider™ Extra Sensitive Shave Oil, Chemical Free Formula


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Inspired by the Free Rolling Waves of Hawaii, The Soft Citrus Undertones Complimented by Sweet Woody Base Notes Captures The Allure of Majestic Waves As They Crash Down Chasing Surfers Across it’s Face With The Sun Glaring High in The Horizon and the Surfers’ Sense Of Freedom and Exhilaration Prevails.


MIRACLE NATURE: We Achieved The Most Phenomenal ZERO BOUNCE™ Glide By Harnessing the Power of Nature to Create The Refreshing ROYAL FRANKINCENSE™ Expert Blend For the Ultimate Smooth Shave Experience.

ADVANCED RESULTS: This Advanced Formula Imparts a Naturally Light SOFT RESIDUE™ that actively locks moisture (Relieves Irritation, Razor Burns and Ingrown Hairs) and defends your skin to make you feel Refreshed. Say Goodbye to Dry Painful Skin, Razor Bumps and Nicks.

EXTRA SENSITIVE: The SOFT RESIDUE™ Works to Defend Your Skin During the Shave as an Astringent and Gently Protects After the Shave for an extended Period. In Fact, So Well, It’s Recommended for Intimate Areas.

PRECISION MINI-FLASK: Translucent, Shatter Proof and Washable, The Instaglider Bottle is designed for the adventurous outdoors, and like its precious contents, we are glad to say for all Weather Conditions. To make it Super Practical, we have added a Super Precise Dropper for ZERO WASTE.


CHEMICAL FREE INGREDIENTS: We are proud to say that all our Ingredients are 100% Natural and Our COSMETIC COMPLIANCE Certification confirms that.

EXCLUSIVE E-BOOK: Hey, We are absolutely thrilled to welcome you to our tribe and our EXCLUSIVE E-Book “The Ultimate Guide On How To Shave Your Pubic Area” Has Never Been Seen Before! We are sure you’ll find it an Eye Opener and you can gain a tip or two.

LOVE IT GUARANTEE: We are sure you will love our Chemical Free Shave Oil. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy!

INSTAGLIDER: Awesomeness Your Body Can Trust™