Instaglider™ Disposable Straight Razor

We Have Travelled and Discovered some of the Best and Busiest Barbers on Earth. Here We Have Discovered That Hygiene, Speed, Cleanliness and Efficiency are Paramount! Here you will find the Holy Grail of all Razors. Here you will Find the Best Razor in the World. Here you will find Instaglider™. 

Instaglider™ Disposable Straight Razor (16 g)

✪ Ergonomic Design w/ Blade Safety Guard

✪ Best And Lightest Straight Razor for Home and Travel

✪ Zero Bounce Super Blade w/ Optimised Edge (3.6 mm)

✪ Most Hygienic and Maintenance-Free

✪ Cut-throat Shavette and Shaving Ready for The Most Hygienic Shave

✪ 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Details: (10 Razors per Pack)

SUPERIOR DESIGN: The Ergonomic Design and Superior Smooth Handling Gives You An Amazing Weightless Balance for Extra Flexibility, Pin Point Precision And Your Closest And Most Intimate Luxurious Shave Ever.

ZERO BOUNCE SUPER BLADE: Best-In-Class (EU Made in Sweden Super Blades) Cleanly Cuts Right Through the Hair Shafts First Time Every Time with Our Zero BounceTM Glide Blade Guarantee. Gives You a Faultless Smoother Shave With Less Irritation Than Ever Before. The Optimised Edge Length (3.6 mm) takes your experience to a whole new level for lesser strokes and Supple Soft Skin.

ADVANCED HYGIENE, SAFE AND MAINTENANCE FREE: Easily The Most Hygienic Straight Razor, Sterile Packed in Individual Pouches, Fussy Fingers Blade Change Is History, Just Save Precious Time and Liberate Your Skin, Takes The Hassle Out So You Can Purely Focus On Your Shave. The Instaglider Straight Razors are Shave Ready Time After Time. Just Awesome!

First time gift....

EXCLUSIVE E-GUIDE: Hey, We are absolutely thrilled to welcome you to our tribe and our EXCLUSIVE E-Book “A Gift To Those Who Contemplate The Wonders Of Straight Razors” is just for you. We are sure you’ll find it enjoyable and you can gain a tip or two!

ENVIRONMENT: We Make Sure That All Your Straight Razors Are Made Of 100 % Recycle-Friendly Materials. Dispose Safely For A Better Planet Earth.

LOVE IT GUARANTEE: If For What Ever Reason You Do Not Absolutely Love Your Razors, Just Return Them and We Will Refund Every Penny, (Or Replace It If There Is A Problem)