2020 Advanced Natural Beard Oil Packages (35 ml)

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Smells Fantastic!

I have been using this beard oil everyday for over a week now and really enjoy it. The skin on my chin can sometimes become itchy if I grow my beard too long and so far this product has managed to stop that. Main thing I like is the smell! The Frank Incense is pretty exotic but I really enjoy it and so does my wife (which is probably more important lol). One thing I noticed is that they have a really thin dropper on the bottle which allows you to control precisely how much oil you take out. This is great as I have tried some other products and they always dispensed too much and I would have to wash the excess amount away. So far so good, would definitely buy again!

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Best beard oil I've used

I'm currently growing a medium length beard and have been using this oil for around two weeks. Hair feels softer with every use and is much easier to shape. The smell is potent, but I love it. I wish it could last a bit longer but understand that a lasting scent isn't the aim of this product. My only issue is that I have to use a few more drops than recommended to fully go over my beard. Otherwise it is by far the best beard oil I've ever used and would highly recommend

A Merchant

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Great Stuff

Smells lovely, a very earthy type smell. It really makes my partners beard feel loads better, it's not at all dry now


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Great product!

Fantastic, works really well


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Nice scent, recommended

Very nice scent, recommended


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Beard beard beard

Bought this to see what it like, surprisingly good, with a refreshing smell, and really helps my beard have a healthy shine and the curly hairs more manageable. Love it!

A Merchant

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One of the Best Beard Oils I've used

It is a great beard oil and my beard is not dry any longer.

Haytham El Tahan

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Great product

Awesome quality product, really happy with it. Not usually a big fan of oils, but decided to give it a try especially because of its small size, perfect for travels.

Luiz Moreira

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Faisal A

I’m writing this review because I had an itchy stubble and I can’t believe how amazing and miraculous this product is! It helped remove the itchiness, make my stubble softer and it now looks thicker and fuller. I’ve used Instaglider for just a few weeks and I’m definitely seeing an obvious difference. It is not the cheap runny oils or the gooey serums I have used in the past, it has a natural earthy fragrance, it is not sticky, I have not experienced any irritation, and I have definitely noticed that my beard is healthier! I am so glad that I purchased it and I’ve already ordered it for my best friend as well. I love this product and I definitely recommend it to anyone seeking something that really works.

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Jonathan S

I did a lot of research before deciding on the right beard oil for my skin and coarse hair. Since I have very sensitive skin, I was looking for a natural and safe one. Finally, I found Instaglider… and realized that it had met my criteria. Although I was sure about its safety, I wasn’t sure about its performance. Now, I am more than happy with Instaglider because it’s helped both the length and density of my beard and is super easy to apply. Moreover, I haven’t had any irritation from it whatsoever. I have used this product for three months so far, with awesome results. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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Alexander L

I have used a few different expensive and popular beard tonics and conditioners for my beard, and found that they usually caused a burning and/or redness on the skin and dried my skin and with time my beard changes colour!!!!. I am glad I discovered Instaglider. I followed the instructions and alleviated my beard dandruff and the acne as well and am well on my way to regain my former glory. I am a genius. If you are serious about beards, you need to be serious about Instaglider.

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